Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Jesus Made It

We served Communion continuously this past Sunday rather than kneeling at the Communion rail. I squatted down to give a blessing to a three-year old girl. When I was done, she dug a cross necklace out of her dress collar to show me. It was white with pink roses on it. "Jesus made it!" she said proudly. I told her how beautiful it was and I finished giving Communion to her dad, blessing her baby sister, and then the rest of the congregation. But I wanted to linger longer in that moment.

To her three- year old mind, Jesus physically crafted her cross (like a good carpenter and craftsman would), but she said so much more, especially at Communion. Jesus did make the cross--he made the sacrifice, he gave his obedience, he offered his life. Jesus made the empty tomb, the cup of salvation, the bread of new life, the victory over death possible. Jesus made it!

I seek to grow spiritually every day--today I am hoping for age 3 and for the eyes that see that Jesus made it--Jesus made it all.

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